Statuts ACA Scandinavie


§ 1. Association’s name 
The Association’s name is:

  • SAAP, Scandinavian Algerian Association of Professionals.
  • ACAS Association des Compétences Algériennes en Scandinavie. (French language)

§ 2. The Association’s character and purpose 
The Scandinavian Algerian Association of Professionals is a non-profit and politically independent that serves the professionals in Scandinavia who desire to network for the purpose to exchange and share experiences and knowledge between Scandinavia and Algeria.
SAAP main purpose is to foster learning, networking and professional excellence of its members through the establishment of strong relationships with governmental agencies, public and private institutions from both academia and industry.
The Association fulfils its purpose by

  • Organizing seminars, conferences, creating a platform for the exchange of knowledge between Scandinavia and Algeria.
  • Initiate collaborative projects in academia, and industry.
  • Facilitate the mobility of professionals between Scandinavia and Algeria
  • Help in maintaining the highest level of efficiency and ethical conduct.
  • Represent the Algerian culture

§3. Headquarter of the Association 
The Association has its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden and in Vaasa , Finland

§4. Membership 
A member of the Association has to promote the Association’s aims and undertakes to follow the Association’s bylaws. The members’ citizenship is not a requirement to be a member. He or she should have some kind of connection with Scandinavia and/or Algeria. At least half of the Association members should have their roots in Algeria.

§5. Member Fees 
A member must pay the member fee. The fee is set annually at the annual meeting.

§6. The board 
The Board consists of a President, a Vice president, and deputy members and two alternates. The Board elects among its members, Secretary, Treasurer and deputy members of the Association if necessary. In case of absence, the alternate takes over. The Dismissal or demission of a board member, before the expiry of his/her mandate a substitute can continuous for the time remaining before the next annual meeting. The term of office for the board is 2 years and is renewable.

§ 7. The Board’s tasks 
The Board represents the Association, defends its interests and handling its affairs. The Board decides on the association’s behalf, unless otherwise provided for in these statutes. The Board shall carry out annual meeting decisions, manage the Association’s financial affairs and keep accounts, as well as deliver annual accounts to the annual general meeting for the latest financial year.
A Board meeting occurs when the Chairman deems it necessary, or if requested by at least three Board members.
The Board is quorate when at least two board members are present. The decisions of the Board shall be taken by a simple majority. In the event of a tie, the decision is taken by drawing of lots.
The Association is endorsed by the Association’s President and/or Vice-President.

Fiscal year shall be the calendar year.
The Board’s annual report is to be submitted to the auditors no later than 31 December.

§ 9. Auditors 
The Board’s management will be annually audited by two auditors appointed at the annual meeting. The Auditors give their report 1 month after the financial statements.

§10. Annual meeting 
Regular annual meeting, which is the Association’s highest decision-making body, is held annually at the time and place decided by the Board. Notice will be sent to all members prior to the annual meeting and prior to the extraordinary annual meeting.
At the annual meeting, the following matters are considered :

  1. Election of the Chairman and Secretary of the meeting.
  2. Determination of the voting list for the meeting.
  3. Election of persons to scrutinize and tellers.
  4. Ask if the meeting has been arranged appropriately.
  5. Determination of the agenda.
  6. Report for the last financial year.
  7. The audit report for business/fiscal year.
  8. Discharge to the Management Board for the duration of the audit.
  9. Determination of member contributions fee.
  10. Determination of the events and activities for the coming year.
  11. Election of the President of the Association for a period of 2 years.
  12. Election of the other Board members and alternate members for a term of 2 years.
  13. Election of Auditors and deputy members.
  14. Consideration of the proposals of the Board and received motions.
  15. Other issues.

Decisions on questions of major economic importance to the Association or its members may be taken if this has not been included in the notice convening the meeting.

§ 11. Extra annual meeting 
Extra annual meeting will be held when the Board or the Auditors considers that it is necessary or when at least 2/3RD of the members require it by means of a written request to the Board. The request should identify the issues that members want the meeting to deal with. In extra annual meeting, only the cases specified the request are treated.

§12. Voting 
At the annual meeting, each Member has one vote. Suffrage is personal and can be exercised by proxy.

§13. Rules for the amendment of the statutes 
For the amendment of these statutes requires the decision of annual meeting, at least 2/3 of the number of votes cast. Proposal for amendment of the statutes may come from both a member or from the Board.

§14. Withdrawal 
A member wishing to withdraw from the Association shall notify it by written form to the Board. The withdrawal from the association is confirmed after 1 month from the reception of the letter.

§15. Exclusion 
A member must not be excluded from Association for reasons other than that it has failed to pay the agreed fees, counteracted the Association’s activities or purposes, or obviously damaging the association’s interests.

Question about the exclusion may not be settled until the member is informed of the circumstances which led to the exclusion. Decision on exclusion shall not be taken until the Member has the opportunity to respond to the accusations, within a specified period by the Board, at least 1 month. In the decision, the reasons for exclusion must be specified. The decision shall be sent to the concerned member, within 30 days following the decision.

§16. The dissolution of the Association 
The dissolution of the Association requires the decision of an annual meeting with the voted by, at least 2/3 of the numbers. If the Association is dissolved, the assets are split between current members.